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Discover our handcrafted ancient jewellery and archaeological replicas

Replikate und Schmuckdesign .

 Herzlich willkommen in unserem online-Shop!

Hier finden Sie historischen Schmuck und archäologische Replikate,
die in unserer eigenen Werkstatt in Handarbeit hergestellt werden.

Répliques et et design de bijoux historique

Bienvenue dans notre Shop en ligne !
Ici, vous trouvez des bijoux historiques et repliques archéologiques,
celui-ci être fabriqué dans notre propre atelier à la main.

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1.Kram Szepczące Kruki. Warsztaty rzemiosł dawnych . Krystyna Łopata .

   ul.Zajęcza 20 35-232 Rzeszów Poland

   NIP : 813-282-31-39 .  Regon 690572331


General terms and conditions
Party making the sale of products included in the Kram Szepczące Kruki,  hereinafter referred to as the Seller.
Commodity pricesare given in Polish zloty end Euro
The document is a  VAT invoice for sale.

Procedure for the submission and execution of orders
The condition of the purchase is complete the order form made available on our website. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by email .
All shipments are delivered by courier outside or can be picked up in person.
Purchased goods are delivered to the address indicated on the order form.

Deadline for orders

Delivery of goods must be made within 4-10  after the conclusion of the contract of sale and acceptance. Delivery time specified is indicative and may be extended depending on the availability of goods in the warehouse and the time of delivery by courier. In case of temporary absence of the ordered goods in stock Seller shall notify the Customer of the date of availability of goods and the period of the contract.
    Ordered goods are delivered by courier .

Methods of payment
One of the following forms of payment:
payment to the bank account of Seller
Seller cash in hand - on receipt of the goods by the customer at the premises of the Seller

Shipping costs
Any shipping cost covered by Buyer
Shipping cost depends on the amount of goods ordered. Customer before placing an order should contact the Seller.

Complaints and returns
In the case of delivery incompatible with your order, please contact immediately with the Seller in exchange for the right product.
 Returns are only possible in the event of an error of order resulting from the fault of the Seller.
 Purchased items are covered by manufacturer's warranty.
    The loss of the warranty shall be for inappropriate use, use contrary to the purpose, and in the case of non-compliance with the cleaning and maintenance.

Privacy Statement
Any personal information and details received by Kram through application forms and contracts are treated as confidential and used only for the purposes of the contract, or for information concerning the business offer of our company.
    The seller advises that this content is the property of Kram  and does not allow the use of any information without written permission

Final Provisions
In cases of dispute with the appropriate court of appeal is the District Court in Rzeszów .
 In cases not covered by this Agreement shall be governed by the Civil Code.
 By placing an order buyer accepts the above terms.


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