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Der Name der Firma : Auto-Puls 

Adresse : ul.Zajęcza 20 , 35-232 Rzeszów Poland

NIP : 813-282-31-39 

Regon 690572331

mail: krukimojmiry@interia.pl


Allgemeine Bedingungen

1. Preise in euro und dollar

2. Verkaufsbeleg: Rechnung, Quittung

Das Verfahren der Bestellung, Ausführung und Bezahlung

1. Wir akzeptieren die Bestellung in Form einer Nachricht an folgende Adresse gesendet: krukimojmiry@interia.pl 

2. Zahlung: Bankkonto oder PayPal

3. Wir senden die Bankverbindung zur Zahlung als Antwort auf Ihre Bestellung

Laufzeit des Vertrages

1. Lieferung der bestellten Ware innerhalb 2-7 Arbeitstage


Versandpreise : 8 eu/ 8 dolars  

Complaints and returns
In the case of delivery incompatible with your order, please contact immediately with the Seller in exchange for the right product.
 Returns are only possible in the event of an of order resulting from the fault of the Seller.
 Purchased items are covered by manufacturer's warranty.
    The loss of the warranty shall be for inappropriate use, use contrary to the purpose, and in the case of non-compliance with the cleaning and maintenance.

Privacy Statement
Any personal information and details received by Kram through application forms and contracts are treated as confidential and used only for the purposes of the contract, or for information concerning the business offer of our company.
    The seller advises that this content is the property of Kram  and does not allow the use of any information without written permission

Final Provisions
In cases of dispute with the appropriate court of appeal is the District Court in Rzeszów .
 In cases not covered by this Agreement shall be governed by the Civil Code.
 By placing an order buyer accepts the above terms.


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