“What you see was created in the minds of our ancestors.
It was created from pure matter and probably therefore it will never die

Szepczące Kruki – chest full of replicas

Creating replicas of relics

Creating replicas of relics, for the purpose of historical re-enactment and museum exhibitions, based on archaeological findings.

In the process of sculpting the wax model of the replica, we carefully reproduce every detail visible on the relic, after prior comparison of all analogies of the given artefact and gathering all information about the object.

Casting models of replicas are carved with beeswax mixed with additives. Wax models are made using simple tools, without the help of precision power tools.

Like centuries ago, we cast replicas with three methods, depending on the complexity of the item.

We cast metal by cavity casting, box casting, carved stone forms and by lost-wax casting.

Historical shows of warriors’ fights, old crafts and everything related to early centuries.

Historical shows in museums, open-air museums, schools.

Organization of historical festivals, historical picnics and staging.

Historical workshops for children, youth and adults.

Here I am – Mojmira z Horodnej:

Mojmira of Horodna Gord Team

And so all began …….

It’s been ten years…. Excited in the early medieval history, in the marvellous material culture of our ancestors, I made the first attempts to reconstruct treasures from ancient times. It was not easy ….. I did not have any artistic education, and archaeology was completely foreign to me at the time. My friends and my relatives pushed me towards the craft. From them I received the first books, scientific studies of relics, hints, orders and praise. When I am looking at my first wax models or castings of replicas (buckles and lunules) kept to this day, a smile appears on my face.

Currently, before starting work, I try to collect all the information about the artefact I am interested in. The sculpting of the waxwork model is preceded by the comparison of all the investigated relic analogies and „deciphering” of decorative motifs creating object.

Then there is only hard sculpting work.

I dedicate my craftwork to: Lubomir, Sonia, Emilka and my mum – those who are the whole world to me.