A cap from Izbornik Światosław. Kievan Rus.

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Reconstruction of the cap from the 11th century. Kievan Rus (Izbornik Swiatosława). Wool felt cap.
Material: 100% wool
Cap circumferences: full sizes
Full color palette. Mink fur or other fur, as requested by the customer.

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A cap from Izbornik Światosław. Kievan Rus.
Reconstruction of a cap from one of the two codes of “Izborniki Światosława” from the 11th century (1073)
The miniature shows the family of Prince Svyatoslav and probably his courtiers.
The miniature hat has the form of a felt-wool bowler (?) With a fur trim (?) And ear flaps (?).
Since the miniature is not in the best preserved condition, you cannot see the exact details of the cap construction.
It is also unknown what the cap looked like on the back.
I made the hat from natural wool by hand felting and trimmed with beaver fur.
Earmuffs are fastened with a bronze bump.
I make caps to size and in any color.